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In the dynamic business landscape of today, achieving a competitive edge requires a strategic blend of technology and expertise. Our business consulting services are dedicated to guiding companies through advanced technological solutions and forward-thinking business strategies. Specializing in CRM and ERP consulting, along with proficiency in Business Process Improvement and Operating Model Design, we equip businesses with the necessary tools and insights to excel in the contemporary market.

Our Philosophy

People-Centric Approach

We understand that technology is a means to an end, not the end itself. That’s why we place people – be it your customers, staff, or yourself – at the center of everything we do. By prioritizing the user experience, we craft solutions that resonate with real-world needs.

Simplicity over Complexity

In a world dominated by technology jargon, we keep it simple. It’s about experience and efficiency before the complexity of features, codes, and widgets. Let’s make things straightforward because that’s what technology is supposed to do.

Guided Decision-Making

Sometimes, saying no is as crucial as saying yes. We won’t just tell you what will work; we’ll also guide you away from things that won’t. We ask questions to understand deeply and present alternatives when needed, ensuring a thoughtful and effective approach.

Honest Evaluation

We know our strengths and weaknesses. If we’re not the right fit for your needs, we’ll be honest about it. Our commitment is to deliver value, and if that means recommending someone better suited for the job, we’ll do it with integrity.

Our Background

We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic business professionals who help other business professionals to be more automated and efficient using technology. Our team has been in this game for quite some time and our senior leadership team has worked across global organisations such as GE, Westpac, Western Union and PwC, delivering large scale transformation and product implementations.

Our core purpose is to leverage our skills, experience and passion to deliver the same quality of service to small to medium enterprises without a big price tag. We aim to deliver incremental value to help you build confidence and get a faster return on your investment.

Value we deliver

Operational Efficiencies

Streamline your business processes and reduce costs with digital transformation, leading to increased productivity and operational agility.

Revenue Growth

Leverage cutting-edge digital tools to unlock new revenue streams, enhance sales strategies, and accelerate your business growth.

Customer Experience

Transform your customer interactions through hyper personalises solutions, creating memorable experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction.

What we don’t do

Whilst it’s good to shine and express what we can do it is equally important for us to tell you what we don’t do. So, we have clear expectations from day one and don’t end up wasting anyone’s time.

We are not a digital marketing agency
We are not a digital marketing agency, we don’t do websites, social media marketing, SEO and all of that wonderful stuff. We work with people who are specialists in these areas and provide solutions that complement your digital marketing effort.
We are not going to be the cheapest, but we will be competitive

The general rule is that you can have it cheap, fast, or good, but you can’t have all three. Aiming to achieve all three is a myth and we don’t chase myths. Our focus is always on fast and good, we are competitive enough to ensure that don’t worry about the third.

We don’t submit RFPs, BIDs or Tenders

We believe sales are about personal relationships, sitting across the table and agreeing to fair value. For that reason, we don’t participate in RFPs and Bids, we believe it is the most impersonal way of doing business. We want to focus on understanding your needs and presenting a viable solution, rather than filling spreadsheets and write lengthy documents.

We don’t deal with the Government Sector

And like a lot of other businesses, we don’t deal with the Public Sector. Primarily because of the point above and secondly, because we are not geared up to deal with bureaucracy and stakeholder appeasement as compared to large firms. We believe in logic and progress before appeasement and ideology.


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